What is a Home Medicines Review?

A Home Medicines Review (HMR) is a government funded service providing eligible persons with a HMR consultation at their doorstep and in the comfort and privacy of their own setting.

A HMR consultation is provided by a specialist pharmacist, also known as an Accredited Pharmacist or HMR pharmacist, who is specially trained and certified in understanding medications interactions. HMR pharmacists are not dispensing pharmacists and have no financial interest in increasing the number of medicines you take… sometimes quite the opposite!

HMR pharmacists work in collaboration with your doctor/GP to review your medications regime with best practice and relevant medical and medicines knowledge at that time.

A HMR specialist pharmacist will call you to book an appointment and visit you in the comfort and privacy of your own setting. During a HMRconsultation you can ask questions and raise any concerns confidentially to gain confidence and a better understanding inmanaging your health and well-being.

HMRs can educate and empower you to understand and/or better manage prescribed and over-the-counter medications along with understanding whether any dietary requirements and/or supplements which may be complementary or detrimental to your health.

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